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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Gakkou e ikou! MAX 2007.01.30

学校へ行こう!MAX 2007.01.30
Third Gakkou of the year!Download it here! (Thanks Nermal!)

The episode is mostly comprised of speed boat racing (!),
so that's what I'll be covering! The segment about the monkey show is pretty short, so I'll pass on it for now. I may go back to it in the future :]

Let's go to boat racing school! (I had no idea such a school existed)

こんな感じです!Boats in action!

Nagano is the one on assignment today (bright and early at 6:00 am!), and he goes to greet the students as the wake-up alarm goes off.
But as he peers in the fourth room...

あれ? Morita-san??

Nagano tries to confirm that this indeed Morita san, and gets completely brushed off XD

The student get up, make their futons, and immediately rush out and line up (it's still pitch black outside, people!) Morita and today's tag-along guest Ebisu-san join the ranks as Nagano looks on.

Morita decides he's too good for regular numbering.

Roll call and everything ends, and WTF?! It hasn't even been 15 MINUTES since they woke up at 6 am x_x Speaking of 15 minutes, this is also the amount of time they have to eat breakfast each morning. haaaa~?!?!?!

Fast forward a few hours, and......
Oh damn, they're already zipping across the water in boats. (with an instructor doing all the manuveuring)

BUT! Ebisu-san INSISTS that it'd be more fun to ride solo.
...he says, clutching onto Go's arm XD

And wouldn't you know it!
He gets yelled at for going too fast! LOL.

Here our friendly instructor suggest a timed boat race! But of course!

First up, Ebisu-san:
I don't know, you have to see this part in action to understand why Marina's laughing XD
He clocks in at 1 min 2 sec!

Followed by Nagano-kun!
Go: He's absolutely serious about it XD
He clocks in at a stunning 47 seconds!

And last, Moritaaaa:
Seeing his rather slow start, Ken claims that he has NO motivation whatsoever.

Not so fast...!
He shocks himself by actually WINNING THE DAMN THING! AHAHAH

I dunno, watching them race boats made me nervous! I was like Marina there in the upper left corner, with my hands over my mouth the whole time XD Even though I know nothing's going to happen, it's still.... isn't it dangerous?! What if something happened?!
They were still pretty damn good for never having done it before - I was impressed.
It was really interesting to see the life these race boat students live - I kept thinking that they must REALLY love it to put up with such is a strict lifestyle! damn!

That's it for this week!

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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Gakkou e ikou! MAX 2007.01.23

学校へ行こう!MAX 2007.01.23
The..... second Gakkou of the year! YEAH!
Download it here! (Thanks, Nermal!)

This review only contains the first segment of the episode!
When looking at the two, I found that I had a lot more to say about the marching band than the dolphins. ;( For now this review only covers the marching band!

This week's Gakkou finds Sakamoto and Nagano in Aichi-ken, visiting a local high school's Marching Band club! I've never done marching band, but if a second chance, I'd join this club D: Talk about awesome!

Sakamoto and Nagano are now entering the building.
Nagano probably ever hardly yells, but he has to to get their attention. lol.

Now, the marching band... you just have to see in motion to get the full effect! I'm not an expert but this marching band looks different from what I'm used to seeing here in America? Different sound, different formation... am I right, or do I just not know anything? D:
Either way, very cool to watch!

Can I take this moment to say I love Nagano's jacket? On him?

V6 is impressed with what they see.
And so, OF COURSE, it is their turn to try!
Can I also take this moment to say I love the uniforms on them? :o

First up: tuba! They first practice blowing into the mouthpiece, and.... XD
We love you leader.

Now for the real thing!
But... it just doesn't happen.

Bad enough to make Sakamoto go "what the hell was that?!"

Next up is the trumpets, or Where Sakamoto Becomes Possessed!

He ends up blowing a pretty nice note though,
and is subsequently pleased with himself.

When it comes time for the scales, though... well...
the subtitles say it all XD

Nagano just has to rub it in and imitate. SO. CUTE.

Next is drums and omg the look on his face! XD
The staff even resorts to English for emphasis!

If you remember, when Okada-kun performed with the taiko club, they had these same little beat thingeys so you could see how on-track they were. (god I love the Gakkou staff!)
Or... off-track...
He looks asleep!

Next is the twirling flag challenge! Sakamoto tries tossing it and flips out as if someone threw a bug in his face. Nagano is there to call him out on it!
Of course no club visit is complete without V6 actually performing something in front of someone, so it's now HONBAN TIME!

Sakamoto takes stage, doing a nice little number with the fan.
Cue Ken from the studio: "ムカつく!ムカつく!すっげームカつく!" LOL


Sakamoto's lovely dramatic ending with the flag twirling -
and he DOES make the catch this time :D
(Watching it made me nervous)
How's this for a nice pose?

Tell me what you thought about this episode! ;]

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Monday, January 22, 2007

Pre-MAX Days

Thanks for the comments, everyone! :D (Both those left here, and at other places!)
I really appreciate it! I plan on keeping this well updated, so keep checking back!

The new episode is not coming for another few days or so, so here I'd just like to talk some about the show...! 初non-review entry!

**Background: For those who might be somewhat new to the show, the original Gakkou e ikou ran from October 1997 to March 2005 (I refer to this as pre-MAX). In April 2005, the show became Gakkou e ikou MAX and overwent a huge rehaul to focus almost exclusively on students.

Watching some old Gakkou e ikou episodes the other day led me to think about how much the show was changed over the 10 years since it's begun. Wow, 10 years. If you think about it, it's pretty amazing! In a world where most idols and their activities are short-lived, it's pretty amazing to think that what is essentially an idol-show is still going strong.

It's undeniable that the show has changed so much from it's early days - especially since the show completely switched format and became Gakkou e ikou MAX in April of 2005. I think it's funny how a show called Gakkou e ikou (Let's go to school!) of all things only really became focused on school/ students after MAX. Pre-MAX did have it's school related segments (Miseinen no shuchou is perhaps the best example, and is also one of the most popular segments), but for the most part, the segments were your standard, wacky variety-show fare, revolving mostly around comedy skits, segments with audience/regular people participation, and games, with slapstick abound. The point of it all? Well, there really wasn't one. How seriously could you take members of a boy band walking around the streets of Tokyo smacking people over the head with toys and cutting off the heels of their platforms?! And, wait... this is the same show with B-RAP High School? That's right, pre-MAX segments were completely random - as in, they're completely different from each other and about the only thing you'll find in common with them is the
members of
V6. That there was no point or connection to the segments didn't matter - it was about being funny, drawing laughs, and entertaining the viewer in an anything-goes kind of way - and that was where it really succeeded. You didn't need to be a fan of V6 to get into it - the pure hilarity of it was enough to draw you in and get you to go, who ARE these guys?!

Click here for a great site detailing a lot of the pre-MAX segments in-depth, with screenshots! Great resource.

For my next post I'll go on to talk a bit about the transition to MAX, and what's really changed from the older days... and has it been for the better, or for the the worse!? hmmm...


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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Gakkou e ikou! MAX 2007.01.17

学校へ行こう!MAX 2007.01.16

いよいよ! The first Gakkou e Ikou of the year~!
Download it here! (thanks Nermal!)

I still say this episode shoulda been a 2 hour special, what with it being nearly a month since the last episode and all. >/

2007 starts off with Sakamoto and Miyake visiting the gymnastics club of Seifuu Gakuen in Osaka. Sakamoto's reaction upon entering the practice area...

Like it's a theme park or something XD

Annnnd yappari, everyone is pretty amazing there D: They start showing off their muscles (I was half-hoping V6 were gonna do the same thing and compare), and Miyake calls forth one kid...

And then tells him that he didn't say to take off his shirt or anything XDDD Then it's everyone's favorite: CHOUSEN TIME!

Sakamoto tries the rings, with Miyake there for support ♡ (...cheating?)
He ends up doing it for 30 seconds more or less, uwaaa.

Next is あん馬。(No idea what this is in English...) I love how they MUST point out Sakamoto's age. Poor leader! It's only going to get worse with time XD


Well, hey. Even the experienced guy fell... in an even more embarassing way! Next chousen is the iron bars.... which you just have to see. Trust me. XD

Favorite exchange: Sakamoto: これ俺はやんなくていい? Staff: お願いします。 Sakamoto: あ、やるんだ.. LOL.

Soon our gymnastic adventure ends, with Miyake and Sakamoto standing next to the foam pit bowing and thanking them all... and Miyake sneakily pushing Sakamoto into the pit, only to be dragged down with him.
LOL nice try XD

Next! Nagano and Morita visit kids who do お菓子作り!!

They dig in to the cutest creation EVER. Nagano asks how the girl came up with her idea, and she says she got it from a book. Cue Morita:

HAHA. It doesn't stop there. The kids introduce their delicious desserts, V6 get to
try 'em, they say mmmthanksbye, staff says wait a minute, せっかくだから why don't you make something together~? Sure, that sounds great! Right? Right, Go?
DUDE, Go.... XD;;;

But apparently, he's on a roll...
(talking about the kid's statue made out of sweets) XD

The result?
Weeee! It's time to finally eat them and Morita starts out with the decorations, of all things, which gets him a slap from Nagano. Nagano is apparently in a hurry to get going and get out of there (?), since he tries to wrap up the segment (unsuccessfully) about 3 times XDDD Morita finally just has to ask..

Let me know what you thought of this episode! :D

The dates runs into the rest of the post but I don't know how to fix it yet. XD;
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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Testing testing...


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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Hey everyooooone :D

I hope to start this blog in 3 days with the airing of the first Gakkou e ikou of the new year! \:D/

Hopefully I'll be able to keep up this schedule (it also depends when Gakkou shows up on trackers, when I have time, that kind of thing), but if anyone else is interested in helping me keep up this blog, let me know!

I'm convinced that Gakkou e Ikou is THE funniest show on Japanese television (and not just for V6 fans!) and simply want to share the joy that is this show with others :)


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Monday, January 01, 2007

FAQ: How can I see Gakkou e ikou?!

Hey everyone!
I get a lot of questions about how to watch Gakkou e ikou outside of Japan.
The answer is, of course, by downloading! ^^v

Here I'll introduce the different ways to download Gakkou e ikou episodes:

1. JPOPSUKI Tracker
We're very lucky to have awesome people who record
and upload Gakkou e ikou! for us on a regular basis to this site.
The Jpopsuki tracker contains files that must be downloaded through a
program called BitTorrent. I personally recommend using the program
uTorrent for all of your BT needs. Once you've downloaded this program,
you need to go to Jpopsuki, make an account, and then just click on the name of
whatever file you want to download. It will be added to your queue in uTorrent
and that's it! Please check the Jpopsuki FAQ if you have any questions!

2. Livejournal Communities
If you can't use BT, there is a great alternative on Livejournal.
The members at the Miyake Ken community often post direct downloads of current
Gakkou e ikou episodes. (usually whether they feature Miyake or not, heh)
At v6_unlimited you can find downloads of new and old Gakkou eps.
This is a great option for those who, for whatever reason, can't use BT.
If you don't have an LJ, make one! It's free and easy :D

3. WindJP (back up and running!)
WindJP is an awesome site that offers clubbox links to many
Japanese shows including Gakkou e ikou. Find it here.
Please note that this site uses a Korean filesharing program
called clubbox, which you will need to download but is free.
I recommend this great clubbox tutorial for beginners.
The good thing about WindJP is that it points you directly to
the download page for each file - you don't need to navigate
through the clubbox yourself to try and find something.

There you go!
Please let me know if you have any questions, or if you know of any
other great resources for Gakkou episodes!

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