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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Gakkou e ikou! MAX 2007.01.17

学校へ行こう!MAX 2007.01.16

いよいよ! The first Gakkou e Ikou of the year~!
Download it here! (thanks Nermal!)

I still say this episode shoulda been a 2 hour special, what with it being nearly a month since the last episode and all. >/

2007 starts off with Sakamoto and Miyake visiting the gymnastics club of Seifuu Gakuen in Osaka. Sakamoto's reaction upon entering the practice area...

Like it's a theme park or something XD

Annnnd yappari, everyone is pretty amazing there D: They start showing off their muscles (I was half-hoping V6 were gonna do the same thing and compare), and Miyake calls forth one kid...

And then tells him that he didn't say to take off his shirt or anything XDDD Then it's everyone's favorite: CHOUSEN TIME!

Sakamoto tries the rings, with Miyake there for support ♡ (...cheating?)
He ends up doing it for 30 seconds more or less, uwaaa.

Next is あん馬。(No idea what this is in English...) I love how they MUST point out Sakamoto's age. Poor leader! It's only going to get worse with time XD


Well, hey. Even the experienced guy fell... in an even more embarassing way! Next chousen is the iron bars.... which you just have to see. Trust me. XD

Favorite exchange: Sakamoto: これ俺はやんなくていい? Staff: お願いします。 Sakamoto: あ、やるんだ.. LOL.

Soon our gymnastic adventure ends, with Miyake and Sakamoto standing next to the foam pit bowing and thanking them all... and Miyake sneakily pushing Sakamoto into the pit, only to be dragged down with him.
LOL nice try XD

Next! Nagano and Morita visit kids who do お菓子作り!!

They dig in to the cutest creation EVER. Nagano asks how the girl came up with her idea, and she says she got it from a book. Cue Morita:

HAHA. It doesn't stop there. The kids introduce their delicious desserts, V6 get to
try 'em, they say mmmthanksbye, staff says wait a minute, せっかくだから why don't you make something together~? Sure, that sounds great! Right? Right, Go?
DUDE, Go.... XD;;;

But apparently, he's on a roll...
(talking about the kid's statue made out of sweets) XD

The result?
Weeee! It's time to finally eat them and Morita starts out with the decorations, of all things, which gets him a slap from Nagano. Nagano is apparently in a hurry to get going and get out of there (?), since he tries to wrap up the segment (unsuccessfully) about 3 times XDDD Morita finally just has to ask..

Let me know what you thought of this episode! :D

The dates runs into the rest of the post but I don't know how to fix it yet. XD;
posted by jan, 21:17


Great commentary! Must be difficult to explain some of the more complex Japanese... Loved the episode! ;)
commented by Anonymous 42detsune, 1/18/2007 12:12:00 AM  
Thanks for the comment!! :D Yes, it is tough - I realized that as I was trying to type stuff up! XD I was like well... I hope most people reading this have a pretty good understanding of Japanese.... heh. I wonder if I should explain some things for those who don't? Hmm... we'll see!
commented by Blogger girasol, 1/18/2007 08:08:00 AM  
It was a good start, huh? This episode of Gakkou MAX!..? ^^ I hope to see more on this blog. =] Good luck with it.
commented by Blogger tarepanda, 1/18/2007 07:53:00 PM  

I've watched this episode...
I think Sakamoto did a good job he could work well even he's 35

Kakkoi~~ ne, leader >.<
commented by Anonymous RF_The_Stampede, 1/19/2007 07:38:00 AM  

I've watched this episode...
I think Sakamoto did a good job he could work well even he's 35

Kakkoi~~ ne, leader >.<
commented by Anonymous RF_The_Stampede, 1/19/2007 07:38:00 AM  
Thank you so much for the commentary!!!
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 1/19/2007 02:18:00 PM  
=D I enjoyed the gym section of GeI very much! LOL... got to luv them for replaying some of the funny part till I cry with laughter.

But overall I'm impressed with Sakamoto... he sure can keep up with some of the challenges threw at him... way to GO... Leader!!
and Ken kun still very cheeky then ever trying to steal a quick one at leader but ended up falling in too... XXD
commented by Blogger ぜんの場所, 1/26/2007 06:17:00 AM  

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