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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Gakkou e ikou! MAX 2007.01.23

学校へ行こう!MAX 2007.01.23
The..... second Gakkou of the year! YEAH!
Download it here! (Thanks, Nermal!)

This review only contains the first segment of the episode!
When looking at the two, I found that I had a lot more to say about the marching band than the dolphins. ;( For now this review only covers the marching band!

This week's Gakkou finds Sakamoto and Nagano in Aichi-ken, visiting a local high school's Marching Band club! I've never done marching band, but if a second chance, I'd join this club D: Talk about awesome!

Sakamoto and Nagano are now entering the building.
Nagano probably ever hardly yells, but he has to to get their attention. lol.

Now, the marching band... you just have to see in motion to get the full effect! I'm not an expert but this marching band looks different from what I'm used to seeing here in America? Different sound, different formation... am I right, or do I just not know anything? D:
Either way, very cool to watch!

Can I take this moment to say I love Nagano's jacket? On him?

V6 is impressed with what they see.
And so, OF COURSE, it is their turn to try!
Can I also take this moment to say I love the uniforms on them? :o

First up: tuba! They first practice blowing into the mouthpiece, and.... XD
We love you leader.

Now for the real thing!
But... it just doesn't happen.

Bad enough to make Sakamoto go "what the hell was that?!"

Next up is the trumpets, or Where Sakamoto Becomes Possessed!

He ends up blowing a pretty nice note though,
and is subsequently pleased with himself.

When it comes time for the scales, though... well...
the subtitles say it all XD

Nagano just has to rub it in and imitate. SO. CUTE.

Next is drums and omg the look on his face! XD
The staff even resorts to English for emphasis!

If you remember, when Okada-kun performed with the taiko club, they had these same little beat thingeys so you could see how on-track they were. (god I love the Gakkou staff!)
Or... off-track...
He looks asleep!

Next is the twirling flag challenge! Sakamoto tries tossing it and flips out as if someone threw a bug in his face. Nagano is there to call him out on it!
Of course no club visit is complete without V6 actually performing something in front of someone, so it's now HONBAN TIME!

Sakamoto takes stage, doing a nice little number with the fan.
Cue Ken from the studio: "ムカつく!ムカつく!すっげームカつく!" LOL


Sakamoto's lovely dramatic ending with the flag twirling -
and he DOES make the catch this time :D
(Watching it made me nervous)
How's this for a nice pose?

Tell me what you thought about this episode! ;]

posted by jan, 18:06


Just finished watching this... ^^
the dolphine part not bad... but got to agreed with U on the marching band that was really fun to watch. I dun see alot of marching band perfroming in that way in singapore too. It's no wonder they can be 3 times Champs.. sugoii
commented by Blogger ぜんの場所, 1/26/2007 06:41:00 AM  
I loved the "bonding" sequence with Sakamoto and Nagano. :) The two of them in a marching band... Maybe they missed their calling. XD
commented by Anonymous 42d, 2/04/2007 05:04:00 AM  
May I just say, thanks so much for doing all of this! providing DL links and screencaps.

I hope you are doing well and perhaps come back again.

Itsumo, arigatou.

for now, I'll come back here more often. I hope you won't delete this journal.

V6 is love. Gakkou e Ikou is LOV6.
thanks so much again!
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 3/31/2012 08:05:00 PM  

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