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Monday, January 01, 2007

FAQ: How can I see Gakkou e ikou?!

Hey everyone!
I get a lot of questions about how to watch Gakkou e ikou outside of Japan.
The answer is, of course, by downloading! ^^v

Here I'll introduce the different ways to download Gakkou e ikou episodes:

1. JPOPSUKI Tracker
We're very lucky to have awesome people who record
and upload Gakkou e ikou! for us on a regular basis to this site.
The Jpopsuki tracker contains files that must be downloaded through a
program called BitTorrent. I personally recommend using the program
uTorrent for all of your BT needs. Once you've downloaded this program,
you need to go to Jpopsuki, make an account, and then just click on the name of
whatever file you want to download. It will be added to your queue in uTorrent
and that's it! Please check the Jpopsuki FAQ if you have any questions!

2. Livejournal Communities
If you can't use BT, there is a great alternative on Livejournal.
The members at the Miyake Ken community often post direct downloads of current
Gakkou e ikou episodes. (usually whether they feature Miyake or not, heh)
At v6_unlimited you can find downloads of new and old Gakkou eps.
This is a great option for those who, for whatever reason, can't use BT.
If you don't have an LJ, make one! It's free and easy :D

3. WindJP (back up and running!)
WindJP is an awesome site that offers clubbox links to many
Japanese shows including Gakkou e ikou. Find it here.
Please note that this site uses a Korean filesharing program
called clubbox, which you will need to download but is free.
I recommend this great clubbox tutorial for beginners.
The good thing about WindJP is that it points you directly to
the download page for each file - you don't need to navigate
through the clubbox yourself to try and find something.

There you go!
Please let me know if you have any questions, or if you know of any
other great resources for Gakkou episodes!

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