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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Gakkou e ikou! MAX 2007.02.20

学校へ行こう!MAX ~ 2007.02.20

Everyone's favorite show tiiiiime :D
Download it
here! (Thanks as always, Nermal!)

This week, we have.... MORE gymnastics! Only this time it's Rhythmic Gymnastics!
Now, I'm not all that well versed in gymnastics, but let me say:

To really enjoy this segment, you MUST download this episode and
see for yourself!
I'm going to work on putting some video in here
so that maybe you all can see it in action ;]

This week we have Sakamoto and Morita visiting the school.
Well-established fact: V6 + girl's school = screaming all around.
"Girl's schools are great!" XD

They greet the rhythmic gymnastics club!
Who pretty much resume their practice right after saying hello XD

The teacher than explains what exactly Rhythmic Gymnastics is!
A sport relying heavily on flexibility and beauty that is performed
set to music using 5 different items (pictured here)

First, the girls demonstrate what they do for stretches!
Commence girls twisting their bodies into freakishly abnormal positions!

Go asks this one girl: How old are you?
17, she says!
"17?! You shouldn't be doing these kinds of things!" XDD
EH?! lol.

Watching the amazing things that these girls can do, Go mentions
that their flexibility
is, after all, the result of YEARS worthing of training.
So of course, the next thing he says?


So of course, they try and do some stretches. Emphasis on try.

Leaderrrrrrr don't hurt yourself XD

The next girl does an *amazing* trick with the hoola hoop, which of course
a screenshot can't show. How amazing? amazing that Leader suggests they try doing it at their next concert, LOL
Next the girls show off their group performance (must! watch!),
which gets V6 all fired up to try :D

Here's another, uh, highlight (?) of their performance:
Yeah, Go pretty much rolled all the way over onto Sakamoto's leg. LOL. XDDD

And Go's dramatic ENDING POSE!
They pretty much rocked it, including the extra-hard trick of having
both of them jump through connected hoola-hoops at the same time.

Next up is a summary of the FANMAIL CORNER in full!
Only, it's not exactly fanmail. These are letters that come in to the show that request that V6 come visit them for whatever reason (we need your help&support with this/that/whatever!)

Here we have our boys sorting them into three piles:
Will Go Visit, Might Go Visit, Will Not Visit
First up is a letter from a 5th grader in Fukuoka!
Okada reads: "When my best friend Mei-chan was reading manga, my friend
made fun of her and said some pretty mean things. Mei-chan looked really sad,
so we want to apologize to her, but we also have a dream".

LOL what?! Ensue confusion, and Ken goes: "She totally changed the subject!"

Okada continues: "Our dream is to explore Tokyo and visit Tokyo Disneyland.
So, we'd like to apologize at Tokyo Disneyland".

Ken: "What the heck?!" XD Go: "Ahh, clever.."

Okada reads on: "Then, we were thinking, If someone from V6 were to come,
who would we want it to be? Firstly, we'd definitely want Morita-san to come.
After that we weren't sure who to choose between Inohara-san and Miyake-san, so....
Inohara-san, please come with us!"

Morita: She should apologize on her own! *drops into the Will Not Visit box*

The next letter is from a mother who writes about her elementary school daughter!
Inohara reads: "I'm writing for the first time. I'm writing because I'd like you to read these poems written by my daughter who's in second grade. She wrote a lot of poems, saying she'd like to make her debut. I thought, Could my daughter be a genius? and sent you her poems for you to see. She wrote these without the guidance of me or any other adult."

The poems are apparently pretty impressive, considering an elementary student wrote them. However, there was one that caught Inocchi's eye...
♪ Bye bye, thank you, good bye~ my dear lover~ you were a good girl~ but still a sly woman♪
Ken: Where have I heard this before?!

Inocchi: Let's read it all together now!
*V6 starts singing*

Sakamoto drops it into the Might Go Visit box, saying,
"Well, it's possible that we might go and tell her" XD

Not going to go into the Hadaka Matsuri this time since this is far too long as it is!


Comments are loved ♡

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Friday, February 16, 2007

Gakkou e ikou! MAX 2007.02.13

学校へ行こう MAX!2007.02.13
Sorry for the lateness!
We have an awesome episode this time around,
download it here! (Thanks, Nerma

I couldn't stop laughing at this one XD
We start off with a letter written to V6, which Go and Ken take upon themselves
to read (purposelly leaving out the other members XD)


Don't they make the greatest combination?! Ken himself even says so XD

They're here to meet the junior high tennis team, who sent them the letter asking them to come play against them!

Junior high kids? Piece of cake, they say.
...Huh? Where's all this big talk coming from?

Especially since.....


AND they don't even know the rules of tennis (!!)

...aaaand Staff calls them out on it XD
p.s. omg Ken looks about 12 there

So, they lose. BADLY. x_x

It was then... they heard a voice! Coming from...
the roof?!?!? XD INOCCHI!

...who starts to get all defensive about his, quote, precious little brothers (♥)
when he gets knocked over by the wind ROFL

Long story short, Inocchi's brought a special guest - former pro-tennis player Shinobu Asagoe to join him in playing against two of the junior high girls! If anybody remembers Inocchi's Sharapova-stalking adventures in Miami, THIS is that same player he met while he was there! XDD

Highlight: Go and Ken press Inocchi about knowing how to play tennis, to which he says "Of course! I've been really into it lately!".... which he means PLAYING WII TENNIS XDDD

Admittedly, Inocchi is a better player than the hopeless GoKen combo,
but... still...


They ended up losing to the junior high school girls.
It was pretty much all Inocchi's fault.
GoKen even concluded that when Asagoe-san made a mistep,
it was Inocchi's lack of skills rubbing off on her, ahahaha

In the end, Mr. Narrator advises Asagoe-san to ignore
any further contact from Inocchi.

Next segment! Yes, I'm actually covering a full episode this time XD
Wow, this gets long!

GAKKOU DE KIKOU! "Let's ask at school!"

As you can see, Sakamoto is completely PSYCHED at this new segment.

While Morita is completely LOW TENSION: ".....Well then!"

Basically, in this segment they visit a school and go around interviewing students! yay!
Today's theme was "Who is your favorite person?" They brought up a pretty good point about how student-teacher and friend relations have been wearing thin in Japan lately, and wanted to see what was up.

There were some good moments in here, but they're not much when you convert them into a screencap XD

I will leave you with this one gem.

This kid's favorite person is his beautiful math teacher.
He originally requested a kiss on the cheek (?!) and she instead offered to feed him.
Or so he thought....


Comments are loved ♡

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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Gakkou e ikou! MAX 2007.02.06


It's that time of week again folks! :D
Download it here! Thanks WindJP! xD

This week, Morita and Sakamoto have come to visit the SKI JUMP BOYS!
Morita looks STOKED!
It appears they said this about Sakamoto+ski jumping when interviewed by the staff....

"No way! Can't do it! It's impossible!"

Which means...
They're going to prove them wrong!
"Let's show them how great our leader is!"

Aaaand in comes their instructor for the day... not on skis, but on a SLED XD
Ogiwara Tsugiharu, who competed in the Nagano winter olympics!

Morita suggests that the ski-jumping kids ask him some questions -
he's a Olympic athelete after all! So, how DO you learn to jump far...?
"...In the end you've just got to pray!" XD
I'm sure that helps tons!

Next it's time for some "Image Training", or pre-jump training!
Got to get into the grooooove, y'know!

Which includes stuff like jumping off of a platform while being suspended
and having an instructor "catch" you.
Go's thoughts on this?
Now THAT face is a first XDDD

Next exercise is doing the jump while riding on a rolling... cart thingy.

Sakamoto's slow, wobbly riding style has Morita going "Is this rehab?!?",
which had me rolling on the floor XD

Sakamoto doesn't quite get off the ground though, and lands right in the instructor's arms ♥

Soon, it's time for the BIG JUMP!
....though it's only the small hill for beginners,
but it's still pretty intimidating =S

Super all-mighty Olympian Ogiwara-sensei demonstrates, only to...


Way to freak them out even MORE.
caption: IN DISTRESS.

BUT! Despite all the worrying and moping around, they both safely complete the jump, even if リーダー didn't quite end it on his feet..
Morita of course still has to make fun of how he "looks like an old man skiing". XD

The kids are still impressed though, and even refer to him as 神様!Like a god! XD
P.S. The second part of the episode is an AIR VOCAL segment, which I haven't watched yet! XD Whoops! Lets... AIRJOY! (?)

Comments and thoughts appreciated ♥

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