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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Gakkou e ikou! MAX 2007.01.30

学校へ行こう!MAX 2007.01.30
Third Gakkou of the year!Download it here! (Thanks Nermal!)

The episode is mostly comprised of speed boat racing (!),
so that's what I'll be covering! The segment about the monkey show is pretty short, so I'll pass on it for now. I may go back to it in the future :]

Let's go to boat racing school! (I had no idea such a school existed)

こんな感じです!Boats in action!

Nagano is the one on assignment today (bright and early at 6:00 am!), and he goes to greet the students as the wake-up alarm goes off.
But as he peers in the fourth room...

あれ? Morita-san??

Nagano tries to confirm that this indeed Morita san, and gets completely brushed off XD

The student get up, make their futons, and immediately rush out and line up (it's still pitch black outside, people!) Morita and today's tag-along guest Ebisu-san join the ranks as Nagano looks on.

Morita decides he's too good for regular numbering.

Roll call and everything ends, and WTF?! It hasn't even been 15 MINUTES since they woke up at 6 am x_x Speaking of 15 minutes, this is also the amount of time they have to eat breakfast each morning. haaaa~?!?!?!

Fast forward a few hours, and......
Oh damn, they're already zipping across the water in boats. (with an instructor doing all the manuveuring)

BUT! Ebisu-san INSISTS that it'd be more fun to ride solo.
...he says, clutching onto Go's arm XD

And wouldn't you know it!
He gets yelled at for going too fast! LOL.

Here our friendly instructor suggest a timed boat race! But of course!

First up, Ebisu-san:
I don't know, you have to see this part in action to understand why Marina's laughing XD
He clocks in at 1 min 2 sec!

Followed by Nagano-kun!
Go: He's absolutely serious about it XD
He clocks in at a stunning 47 seconds!

And last, Moritaaaa:
Seeing his rather slow start, Ken claims that he has NO motivation whatsoever.

Not so fast...!
He shocks himself by actually WINNING THE DAMN THING! AHAHAH

I dunno, watching them race boats made me nervous! I was like Marina there in the upper left corner, with my hands over my mouth the whole time XD Even though I know nothing's going to happen, it's still.... isn't it dangerous?! What if something happened?!
They were still pretty damn good for never having done it before - I was impressed.
It was really interesting to see the life these race boat students live - I kept thinking that they must REALLY love it to put up with such is a strict lifestyle! damn!

That's it for this week!

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posted by jan, 21:36


In the beginning with just Nagano, I was in anticipation... kinda like "Who's hiding behind door number 3-- I mean, 4?" XD

And when they held back revealing Morita's time, I knew he'd won. XD Yay Morita!!
commented by Anonymous 42d, 2/04/2007 05:07:00 AM  
I wasn't even thinking that one of them was going to be in one of the rooms XD (I'm slow!) I was like why's Nagano all alone.. aww.. XD
commented by Blogger girasol, 2/04/2007 09:28:00 AM  
What am I gonna do without you? xD
commented by Blogger Linh, 2/04/2007 10:42:00 PM  

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