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Friday, March 23, 2007

Gakkou e ikou! MAX 2007.03.20

学校へ行こう!MAX 2007.03.20

Hey everyooooone!
It's time for a 2 HOUR SPECIAL! :D Download it here!
I've jammed a bunch of pictures in here, but I'll be relying
a lot on text to explain everything that goes on!

Today's theme is high school students on the stage of the world!
First up we have the winner of the model audition, Naoko-chan, a regular high school girl☆
When the audition ended, they had only SEVEN days
until the Paris Collection audition. Which means.... CRUNCH TIME.
Naoko gets model lessons from a famous Japanese model (Hideka) who has over
10 years experience appearing in the Paris Collection.

The first day of training, she practiced walking for three. hours. straight.
Hideka-san told her to put all strength on the inside of her legs. Until they HURT!
*crowd gasps*
At one point Hideka-san tells her to try and scream as loud as she can, from her stomach. Naoko tries, but can't let out more than a weak yell. Hideka-san thinks about this for a bit, and tells her flat out that:
"At this rate you'll never be in the Paris Collections!"
She basically makes Naoko cry with all of her harsh words, but also really wakes her up to the harsh reality that is the world of modeling.

The seven-day training comes to an end, and Okada introduces
them to the special something that every model needs to have.
Every model has what's called a BOOK, he says. Basically it's a portfolio
of their modeling pictures and brands they've modeled for.
"You don't have any professional pictures like this, right?" Nagano asks.
"Not even one" answers Naoko.
"I expected as such," says Okada.
"So I've set up a meeting with a super famous photographer!"

They head off to meet him - it turns out that
he's actually taken pictures of Okada before!
Photographer-man proudly shows off his Okada pictures
....while poor Okada sinks into the couch in embarrassment LOL XD

Photo-man: "Can't you just feel my love for Okada-kun through these pictures?"

Okada gets put in charge of the wind machine, ROFL XD

Fast forward a day or two, and they're in PARIS, FRANCE!
Now, this is where I realized something - the Paris Collection is a
series of little shows put on by famous brands showing off
their latest fashions (I thought it was one big show!)
SO! The trio head off to view various Paris Collections to see what they're like!

At the Paris Collection show for the brand Chloe, they get a chance to go backstage and meet the company president! :O Stoked at this chance, Okada explains to him Naoko's situation and asks for any advice for her. He then stammers out his next request: "Please... give her... something!"
LOL Real smooth XD
Soooo the prez offers her this big-ass bag!

But now its down to business!
Long story short, the Gakkou staff has a hard time trying to
find a brand that would let Naoko audition for the chance to
appear in their Parikore. As in, they couldn't find ANYONE.
However, a call came to them one time from a Japanese designer
named Yuki Torii, who offered to let Naoko audition!
So she went, auditioned (showed her Book, did the walk),
and waited for that special phone call.
When it came, however...

She didn't make it :(
And that was the end of the Parikore project.

...or so they thought!

It turns out that Yuki Torii graciously offered to let Naoko appear in the finale of the Parikore (where all of the models walk the runway one last time). She wouldn't be appearing all by herself, but she -would- be appearing! In an actual Paris Collection!
Naoko in the finale!
Which means, this segment has a happy ending :]
When you think about it, it's pretty amazing that a normal high schooler from Japan with NO modeling experience whatsoever had a chance to stand on the Paris Collection stage.
Such is the power of GAKKOU E IKOU! :D

Next up!
The segment that wraps up ballet student
Risa-chan's quest for the Lausanne scholarship!
She's off to participate in the Lausanne International Ballet Competition!
The Lausanne competetion is one that is limited to amateur dancers aged 15~18. This year there were only 66 chosen to compete - with Risa being one of them! woo!

And this time we have not a pair, but a trio there to cheer Risa-chan on! :DDDUnfortunately, they're only here to see her off, they're
not actually going to the competition with her :(
As Leader puts it: Even if we did go to Lausanne, we wouldn't be of any help.
Ken: When we go overseas, we just feel like eating good food and stuff... XD

They meet up with her and tell her they have a special surprise for her!
"Could you please put this on?" Nagano asks, handing her an INOCCHI mask LOL
And not just any Inocchi, but Inocchi all made up as a maiko from that one episode, ROFL!
And off they go! XD

She takes off the mask, and realize they've taken her to the high school she used to attend (she dropped out of high school to focus on ballet)
They tell her her present is waiting for her inside the gym. What could it be?!?!
Awww! It's all of her old friends and classmates there to cheer her on!
They sing her a song they've been practicing, and the
poor girl gets so choked up she can hardly speak :(Nagano: Why of course.... I watch cheerleading!
Sakamoto: But of course!
Nagano: What else!
Sakamoto: I know~!
Nagano: Why are you asking me such an obvious question?
Ken: .... *raises hand*
Ken: I have NO idea what you guys are talking about. So... wait why do you watch cheerleading?
Sakamoto & Nagano: .....I'm sorry, I don't understand your question.

With that, the bring out Gakkou e ikou's good friends, the Narita High School Cheerleeading squad! The one with the guy! XDD
If anyone remembers, they had this guy on a past episode, trying to get more
guys to join the cheerleading squad, since he was the only one XD
How awesome of him to make a cameo appearance!
They do their thing and cheer Risa on ^o^*/

And then Risa's off to Switzerland!

The Lausanne competition has three components:
Classical Ballet, Contemporary Ballet, and Improv.
Risa-chan does great at the classical and contemporary ballet (we don't get to see the improv because they didn't allow cameras inside). For the classical, she dances gracefully with a huge smile on her face the whole time :D

Not long after, the results are announced....
But alas, there was no circle around Risa-chan's number :(

But Risa stays strong, and doesn't cry, and says that most of all,
she's just happy that she made it this far. That's the spirit!
In the end, she DID end up getting scouted by two schools, which is awesome! :O
So perhaps we can consider this somewhat of a happy ending, too?!

And that wraps up our 2 hour special! Wow that was a long entry XD
No episode next week, so see you in TWO!


posted by jan, 17:19


yay for your long entry :D and lotsa caps too saikou!!

bashful Okada kawaiii~ lol okada you're the hottest wind machine operator ever.

omg the Inocchi mask and the gakkou staff note below makes me ROFLOLLL XD
commented by Anonymous scat88, 3/23/2007 11:21:00 PM  
LOL what can be cuter than embarrassed Okada? xD He is way too adorable xDDD

I was also surprised that Risa didn't cry like everyone who lost did. She is strong, and fortunately her strength and effort pay off :D

Such power of Gakkou e Ikou xD
commented by Anonymous Linh, 3/23/2007 11:34:00 PM  
I've decided that my life dream is to be a member of a Japanes pop idol group so that I could have my own variety show and travel to countries on the other side of the world to help young people realize their dreams. >_< Just imagine the benefits.

And those pictures of Marina from the Onyanko Club days were hysterical when she started screaming. XD
commented by Anonymous Will, 3/24/2007 12:21:00 AM  
★scat88: This entry took forever! XD But I'm glad you liked it!!
I kow, Okada is SO cute when he's shy or embarrassed. <33

★linh: I know right?! XD
I was surprised at Risa too! How strong of her. She did break down when taling to her mom, but I get the feeling that was more of her feelings of gratitude toward her mom more than anything ^^

★will: Would that not be awesome?! XD It looks so fun... they get to go all over the world for this purpose!
Marina's pictures were great too, XD I didn't even recognize her!!
commented by Blogger girasol, 3/25/2007 11:55:00 PM  
Thx for such a lengthy felt as if I did watch the whole 2 hour special!!! Okada was soooo sweet, and I thought Ma-Kun was going to be a surprise member in the cheerdance team >@<
commented by Anonymous Cheryl, 3/26/2007 04:39:00 AM  
★cheryl: LOL, that would have been hilarious! Or INOCCHI! XD
commented by Blogger girasol, 3/26/2007 10:43:00 PM  
Haha~ I pretty much realize that Okada has a professional face that he put on when he works, and a cute face of him behind the camera <3 He's so cute I wanna squeeze him~~~ xDDD

Yeah at first when I saw her smile, I thought she made it, and everyone thought so too. She has my admiration xD
commented by Anonymous Linh, 3/28/2007 07:27:00 PM  
Yay! For the summary, cheers!

I only have one question about what's happening in one part of the show, and I was wondering if you could tell me. ^^

The boy from the Narita Cheerleading has a little <3 message for Risa. What was it?! It was soooo cute, but I wonder if I'm right about what I think he said. Something about her eyes... ?
commented by Anonymous 42d, 4/07/2007 06:49:00 AM  

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