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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Gakkou e ikou! MAX 2007.03.06


It's time for Gakkou e ikouuuuu! Download it here! (Thanks, Nermal!)

It's time for more laughing at our favorite V6 members falling all over the place :D

This time the lovely V6 mama-papa couple are visiting a school for SPEED SKATING!

This makes Nagano happy ♡

They are in 20 degree weather, and the cameraman is wearing a t-shirt.
The note informs us that this man does NOT feel cold. LOL.

They meet the coach, who tells them that they should
go get ready so that they can start skating.

Go get ready? We ARE ready! *strip*

So, after watching the skating students demonstrate their LIGHTNING SPEED
in a time trial, it's time for Sakamoto and Nagano.

Not like you can tell, but as you can probably guess, they are super slow XD
The students think its cute, though, LOL. かわいいー

Seeing this, the coach suggests they try some training first. Sounds good, right?

They just about DIE. LOL at Leader all sprawled out on the floor XD

One of the exercises they try is this neat little sliding board thingy,
which simulates actual skating. Here Nagano demonstrates how to do it right!

...Here Sakamoto demonstrates how to do it wrong.

Now they've done some training, its time to go out on the ice again!
They're doing better than before, but at one point Sakamoto crashes into Nagano, which results in the CUTEST HAND HOLDING MOMENT ♡

And then Nagano nearly runs Sakamoto over.
At the end of the day, they're timed again on the same time trial that
they did in the beginning, and they actually each shaved off a
good 10 seconds off both of their times! wow!
Look at Nagano all happy on the ground! XDDD

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Next up is Nagano-Morita, who are off to visit a special school for....

V6 interacting with kids = love♡♡

It's actually a special school for elementary school entrance exams (!?)
Did I hear that right?=/ Anyways! Let's just say... these kids are smart!

Morita decides to become a student for the day! And he's ALL BUSINESS.
"I don't want to lose to these kids!" XD

First off, they start by chatting to the kids, and Nagano asks them what they want to be when they grow up. "Designer"... "teacher".... and then...
"I wanna be MIYAKE KEN!"
Yes, this little kid absolutely loves Ken and brings him up whenever possible XD

Then it's class time. First activity? "Remember the story"!
They listen to a long story and then answer questions about it to test their memory.

Go takes his sweet precious time on the first question,
only to discover that there is a time limit. Of 5 seconds.
*beeeep* Time up!

So what does he do? He resorts to CHEATING ROFL
"Hey, don't look~!"

Go completely misses ALL of the questions. Every single one.
He can't even tell what the choices on the answer sheet are!
Go: "This flower is a hibiscus, no?!"
Kid: "It's a CAMELLIA!"

Afterwards, it's creative time yay~! They get to draw pictures using their imagination! Behold Go's masterpiece:

He explains: "It's a person with a sunburned butt". LOL
Kids' reaction? "I don't like it~"

Behold Nagano's equally inspiring piece:
Go: "What IS that?!"
Apparently, it's a never-ending infinity sign.
.....Riiiiight XD

Then, they edit out all of these other fun-looking activities that they do, booooo =( I really wanted to find out what they were doing THIS for:

See you next week! ;D

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commented by Blogger linhkawaii, 3/09/2007 01:43:00 AM  
LOL what the heck, a person with a sunburned butt xDDD Go never fails to amuse me xDDD
commented by Anonymous Linh, 3/09/2007 01:43:00 AM  
Sakamoto and Nagano on Ice. Kills me!! XD XD So much love to the V6 Parents for working so hard to amuse us with their silliness. (I love it when the actual sportsmen laugh at/with V6. It makes me think V6 is doing a good job. ^^)

I was DYING to know why the little boy was so obsessed with Miyake. How amusing it would be if he DOES grow up to be as... well, you know-- as Miyake. XD XD

Thanks again. I really enjoy reading your commentary each week. Ojamashimasu!
commented by Anonymous 42detsune, 3/09/2007 03:43:00 AM  
Stumbled upon your site while searching for V6 stuff and I love what u've been writing here. Looking forward for your next update, yoroshiku~ ^^
commented by Anonymous scat88, 3/10/2007 12:02:00 AM  
hi, i'm lina.
thanks for your review..because i can't watch my gakkou e ikou weekly now..and you started just right when i misses hope i can catch up with it and the review is so helping me..hehehhee..thanksss i love GO interact with kids.....!!!
commented by Anonymous lina, 3/10/2007 03:17:00 AM  
XD I don't blame the kid, I want to be Miyake when I grow up. I love it when really young kids completely school any member. It makes my day better. ^_^
commented by Anonymous Will, 3/10/2007 10:16:00 AM  
★linh: I know, Go is just awesome in that way XD

★42d: I thought it was so CUTE that the skating students found Sakamoto and Nagano so cute trying to skate XD
Yeah, we never did find out why that little kid loved Miyake so much, but... anyways, too adorable!

★scat88: Thank you!! :D Come back next week ^^b

★lina: You're welcome~! :D That's why I'm here.
If you can use BitTorrent (or clubbox), you can download the episodes easily! Let me know if you need more information!

★will: LOL XD I couldn't believe Go was losing so bad... I think, after all was said and done, he didn't get even a SINGLE question right. That's our Go <3
commented by Blogger girasol, 3/10/2007 09:11:00 PM  

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