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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Gakkou e ikou! MAX 2007.04.24

学校へ行こう!MAX 2007.04.24

Hey everyone! Back with another episode of GeI~! (err...)
Download it here!

Today we have another inspirational project. Yay~?
Or, for those who maybe don't understand much Japanese and would rather see the usual V6 falling down and making fools of themselves, boooo...? XD

But I'll explain what it's all about!

It's another day of sorting mail for V6...

....and next thing you know Sakamoto is sitting in front of a gaggle of high school girls! And one guy. Buuut we'll get to that later.

Okay, so these students are part of their school's orchestra band, and what's happening is their beloved conductor/teacher, Horino-sensei, is retiring! They really love their teacher and their last concert with him ever is coming up, so they want to do something special and want Gakkou's help! Apparently he's a really exceptional teacher - NEVER missed a day of school, and always did everything in his power for his students.

One of the girls- oh I mean guy- crawls up next to Sakamoto and grabs onto him while he shows him which one is their teacher. Leader... doesn't know what to do, LOL.
"Go back to your seat!" he says, but the student insists that he has to point out their teacher to Leader.

Cute XD

Soooo they start brainstorming ideas as a group for something special they can do during their last concert. One of the girls says that at the encore, Sakamoto should come out and "do something".
Leader: "While you guys are playing the encore, I could come out and... tap-dance!"
Group: . . . . .
Leader: "...what?"

They call his idea boring, and he gets all sulky. OMG CUTE XDDD

And then!
Right when they're in the middle of talking, there's a knock at the door...!
The show's AD (assistant director) rushes in, announcing that apparently Horino-sensei has arrived at the school! :O
The project is supposed to be secret, so this is BAAAAD.

Everyone starts rushing around, Sakamoto's like "what? what? what? no way!", and the students rush him out of the room and onto the veranda XD
AHAHAHAH! Best moment evar! XD

And then.... moments later....
"False alarm!"
Sakamoto: ....
ome Leader looks so cute just sitting down there XD

Yes, apparently the (new) AD messed up, and it was a different teacher who came XD
Well, that was fun! XD They quickly rearrange themselves and resume the meeting.
Nothing like a little scare to shake things up, eh?!

Anyways, they decide on a plan: during the encore, Sakamoto comes out onto the stage, and at the same time, a bunch of Horino-sensei's old students come out and start playing with them!
And then, they read a special letter they've written to him.
Sakamoto shares the big plan with Nagano. ♡♡

The performance day finally comes!

Sakamoto comes out during the encore, causing the crowd to scream and the teacher to go... huh?
He seems really surprised at all of the past students coming out to play. Yay!

Then, one of the current students start to read the letter for him, but has trouble getting through it because she's crying so hard... which in turn causes Horino-sensei to cry, too. Along with the rest of the club. Awww T-TAnd it all has a happy ending :]
Leader tells Horino-sensei how they had planned it all out, and he said that he was thinking that something was up all day! XD
I'm glad that Gakkou was able to help turn their last performance with their teacher into something special!

Next up! Another segment of the 60-second reports!
Gakkou has been putting out a call for 60-second reports done by students - they can be about anything at all, but they MUST be limited to 60 seconds. Let's see what they come up with!!

First up is another orchestra band! They introduce the sole male student in the band, who is like "an idol" to them XD The girl who does the report is really cute and does an excellent job!

Next report is a girl who shows off the nice view from the roof of her school - first how it looks during the day, and then at night.

This student introduces his "amazing teacher" - he walks into the classroom and she's up there dancing in front of the class to some crazy music, waving around a pink feather fan, LOL!
That's a pretty awesome teacher XD
....I wonder what she teaches?

The next report is on a kid who solves a Rubik cube in 12 seconds! :O
The funny thing about this report is that they run out of things to say at the 45-second mark. So the last 15 seconds is them is sitting there looking at the camera, with the cameraman whsipering "say something... anything! hurry, hurry... anything! quick!"

The next video, though, has the exact opposite problem:
The report starts out as a girl interviewing her friend who is about to confess her feelings to her classmate. wooo! So we see her start walking towards the house... 5..4..3..2..1...

LOL, they clearly didn't follow the directions. Mino Monta says that rules are rules and that they must be limited to 60 seconds, so they can't show the rest.
Buuuut of course you know he can't do that to them XD
So just this time, they get to watch the rest!

The girl confesses and everything (is this for real?!) but....
rejected T-T The guy likes someone else...
The girl liked this guy for like 5 years, so she was in shock. Awww poor girl!
I wouldn't have wanted to walk back and be filmed after that. >_<

Aaaand that's it!
Hope you guys enjoyed it! :D

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Monday, April 23, 2007


For no update of last week's Gakkou.
I have been quite busy lately! But also to be honest....
that episode was boring XD
I honestly wouldn't have minded it if it wasn't just a rehash of one they did last year!
If you saw last year's Takarazuka ep, you know what I mean-
So I just decided to skip it this time around.

Check back later this week though for this week's Gakkou!
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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Gakkou e ikou! MAX 2007.04.03


Heeeey everyone!

Like I said before, I'm back!! XD ただいま~!
And I'm just now getting around to a review of last week's Gakkou!
A 2-hour special on....
What School Was Like In The Past SPESHARU! yay~
(apparently Mino Monta's idea)

Yup, no real ロケ's to speak of (aside from
visiting where these old schools used to be, I guess),
just a lot of talking, but it was pretty interesting!
But - if you don't understand it - it'd probably just bore you to tears XD
So to those people out there, here's a talk summary!

So what they've done is chosen some famous people to interview about what their schooldays were like, and recreated some of it using actors to get the real effect XD

First up is former-talent-turned-governer, Hideo Higashikokubaru.
Damn, now I know why Leader asked if he could jut call him Higashi-san, LOL.

★He describes how they would be punished at school - there was the usual holding buckets of water out in the hallway (you've all seen this in some drama or anime right?!), and then there was THIS:
I could not stop laughing at that for some reason, ahahaha XD
★When his teacher asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up, he replied, "a French person!" Teacher's response? "If you try hard enough, you can do it!" LOL.
★He ran away from home with his friend to train under the current king of comedy at the time. Aaaand got busted for it. Life lesson learned, and all that jazz.

One thing he brings up, though, is that while seen as scary,
the teachers were respected.
Which prompts a Gakkou Survey to see what it's like today in comparison. Results?
*Are teachers respected less now compared to the past?
77% say YES, 18% say NO, and 5% say NEITHER.
77%? That's quite a big chunk! :|

Next up is the Gakkou MC, Mino Monta!
★Parents respected the teachers as well and never complained about what they did. (oh how times have changed..) As figures of authority they trusted them completely.
★Teachers/parents were open about things like wealth and social status. They didn't try and hide them, and put emphasis on helping those who had less.
★Teachers would openly announce everyone's grades in front of the whole class. Well, at least this one teacher that Mino Monta had. Wow XD
What school was to Mino Monta: A place you could fully blossom

Here, they bring up another Gakkou Survey question:
*Do you think student's parents intervene too much in the classroom?
(err, not literally, more like in education as a whole XD)
57% say YES, 33% say NO, and 10% did not respond.

It's hard to say exactly what they mean by 'intervene' here -
I think parents should definitely be involved, but I don't know what is considered "too much"....

Next up is talent/comedian Macchami! I love her, she's awesome! XD
If any of you watch Ainori, she's one of the MCs!
....Of course, if you DO watch Ainori, you'd already know that! LOL

★In her hometown, the neighborhood was like family. Everyone watched over each other. Unfortunately, though, this also meant that everyone was into everyone else's business, which is not so cool when, like in her case, she was a teenager with a crush XD Of course, these kinds of things spread like wildfire...!
★There were those kinds of students known as delinquents (不良), but they didn't really bully other people around like they are known to do now. Plus they went to school every day and actually participated in school things! In her case, some of them even tried running for class president just for the heck of it and actually won, LOL.
What school was to Machami: A place where she spent treasured times

Next! Is the best part of the episode! XD
They start talking about those delinquent students and how they dress, and announce that they have a mini Fashion Show! Delinquents Through The Ages!
dun dun dun dun~!
First up is 1950s juvenile delinquent style! Long, tattered coat and hat, and crazy-high platform shoes that you can't see well in the picture, but wow they're high XD

Next is.... あれ?!
In 1970s delinquent style (or... Kishidan style)! Omg flashbacks of that one show withDowntown where all 6 of them dressed like this XD
Leader shows off the extremely high waist on his pants. Sexay~

Nagano loves it and can't stop laughing heeeeeee ♡♡

Next up with 1980s style is Moritaaaa! ...Who looks bored and just kinda stands there and doesn't put any character into it like Leader XD Oh and some chick.
Last but definitely not least, current-day delinquent style!
....Except, I dunno about you but they don't necessarily
look like delinquents to me. LOL they look normal.
And OMG why didn't they have Ken do this one?! Would have been perfeeeeect dammit

Some more talking about school this time by comedian Youhichi Shimada.
★He had a nice little story about an episode with his baseball club: there was a member who couldn't go on the school field trip because his mother was in the hospital and they didn't have any money for him to go. The other members meet and come up with a plan to work part-time to raise some money for their friend to go. The only problem was that it was against school rules to hold a job, but they went through with it anyways - in secret. Once they had saved up enough, they gave the money to their friend, who accepted it. But, in the end, he didn't end up going. When the others confronted him about it, and he said that he didn't feel like going from the beginning. Then give back the money, they said. He said he couldn't - so obviously he had spent it. The members got furious and demanded to know on what - and that's when the kid pulled up all new baseball gear. He thought that the money should have gone towards the club, he said. Awww! Happy ending. The teachers even admitted they knew about the jobs, but were touched by their motive and excused them for breaking the rules.
What school was to Youhichi Shimada: A fun place to play that I wanted to go to
If only that were true for everyone XD

Next, the staff brings out a little display of food lunches throughout the ages!
Wow, they've really got all bases covered here XD
For example, here's an example of a 1940s school lunch!
On the plate is a little dish of powdered nonfat milk, which apparently tastes gross.

Sooooo OF COURSE Ken pushes Okada forward to try it, ROFL GO KEN xD

Okada's reaction: *sip* ...oh, gross!

Next is actress Kuroki Hitomi's school tales of love letters and diaries, but nothing too interesting here so it's time to wrap this up because I don't want it to get too long. heh.

They all say BYE BYE~!

I love how they all wave bye at the end. Especially Ken, he always waves like he means it. Ken ♡

Next week (as in yes, a week from now, I don't think there was any Gakkou THIS week!)
brings us Takarazuka theater hopefuls! And Okada in glasses :O~

See you next week!!

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Hi everyone! I'M BACK!!
My life for the past week has looked like something from the GOOD DAY cover XD
Minus six hot guys, of course. Damn.
But I had a great time on the beaches of Mexico!
Thanks for all your comments <3

Anyways! Expect a Gakkou update later today as we dive into the School Special! :D
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