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Monday, May 28, 2007

Gakkou e ikou! MAX 2007.05.22

学校へ行こう!MAX 2007.05.22

Finally here :D
Download your episode of Gakkou here or here!

We start off today's episode with an IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT!

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Concerning Rei-chan!
It turns out that when Johnny Depp is back in Japan promoting PotC 3,
Rei-chan is going to play for him! OMG Can't WAIT! ♡
Johnny was SO great with the kids who interviewed him before on Gakkou... aww!
Can't wait to see what he thinks of the amazing Rei-chan :]

On to today's main segment: more trains!
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The three leads of Tokkyu Tanaka 3go join the show today!
From left to right: Katou Rosa, Kuriyama Chiaki, and Tanaka Koki!

Today they're going on a train ride with Miyake, Nagano, two members of T4 (see last episode's summary for more info), and the train otaku manager.
OH and this guy, who is also from the show but for some reason is selling train bentos XD
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"This bento here - they steam it using the steam from the SL train!"
LOL ok sure XD
Nagano sounds like he actually believes him!

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They buy their bentos and head out to the platform, where they see their train pulling up!
They reserved this train especially for the show♡

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Tanaka asks if he can do the "choo-choo", and they let him XD
Well, they let everyone, actually. Including Miyake, who does it loud and obnoxiously and
gets yelled at for it, LOL!

Soon they're off and riding down the tracks!
Everyone is stoked!
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At one point while everyone waves normally out the window at the cameramen, Miyake and Nagano have to WAVE THEIR ARMS WILDLY
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They soon learn something important: the train they're riding being a steam engine and all, when the train passes through tunnels you're supposed to close the windows so that the steam doesn't come in.

BUT, the first tunnel kind of sneaks up on them, leading to....

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LOL. Everyone laughs at him :D

Not long after, the train conductor tells them that they can see the Tanuki Forest to their left - they look out to see a bunch of Tanuki statues along with.... huh?!
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Neko Hiroshi?!
A neko in the tanuki forest?! XD
Poor Hiroshi. Called all the way out to Shizuoka just to go nya~ at them on the side of the road?!

They go on...
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...need I explain what happened this time? XD
However, a little box in the corner of the screen explained that one's face doesn't actually turn black from train smoke. Tanaka probably just rubbed it all over his face XD
His reaction upon looking into the mirror did seem genuine, though.

After about an hour they reach their destination, where they get off the train and break off into two groups: the Coal Group and the Foot Bath Group.
The Coal Group gets to shove coal into the train furnace, while the
foot bath group just gets to chill and relax:
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They try to have a conversation, but end up getting oh-so-rudely interrupted:
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They board the train again and get ready to head back home - and on the
way back they bust out the bentos! Look at this fancy one Tanaka chose:
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And that's the end of their train trip! Everyone agrees that it was buckets of fun.


Some more 60-second reports!
They had some cute ones this time around~
① "Yuzuyu" Live!
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The first clip introduces a singing-and-guitar-playing teacher duo
who call themselves Yuzuyu, after the famous duo Yuzu XD
They're awesome! GO SENSEIS!

② The odd basketball team
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Why is this basketball team so odd, you ask?
It's composed of a crazy number of twins and even a set of triplets! (pictured)

③ Private Report
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A student aiming to be a NHK announcer takes the opportunity to interview his father, who works at the school. Apparently the father doesn't know about the interview, since his reponses mostly consist of "wh-what the heck are you doing?!" and "what's gotten into you?!" LOL. XD

④Digging for bamboo shoots
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The last report is about a favorite pasttime of this particular school:
digging for bamboo shoots! I mean look at those things!
What's also crazy about this school is that there are a mere
seven - count 'em, seven - students.

That wraps up this edition of Gakkou e ikou!
Hopefully we'll be seeing some Johnny Depp love in the near future :]


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Friday, May 25, 2007

coming soon...2007.05.22

Heeey everyone~
Next update is going to be later than I expected. It was supposed to be tonight, but I forgot about something I had to do >_< Check back Sunday night and hopefully it should be up!
And then you'll find out why JOHNNY DEPP is here (or rather, a flashback to his interview... ooooh mysterious♡)
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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Gakkou e ikou! MAX 2007.05.15

学校へ行こう!MAX 2007.05.15

Heeeey everyone!
Hope you guys are ready for an awesome episode! :DDD

This week starts off with.... more Rei-chan and friends, can you believe it?!
These little electron divas are just getting more and more popular, so the episode starts off with their performances from last week, in full! No edits!
At the end, they say that next week they have an important announcement concerning the girls! :O What could it be?! The good thing is it doesn't look like they're going anywhere soon! ♡

Anyways, on to today's school visit!
Inocchi and Go visit a prestigious all-girls school - Mukogawa High School - known affectionately around Osaka as the "princess school"... aka rich girls school. XD

Inocchi's has a little sign with the first six syllables of the school's name: mu-ko-ga-wa-jo-shi, and he's made a list of great things about the school using these syllables as the first letter!
I'll number them one by one!
①Moody (!?) angels sing you a love song!
Err, moody? XD Anyways, he's talking about the chorus club!
They travel around the world doing performances, always singing songs in the language of the country they're visiting! They sing a song for V6...
And Go cries. Or pretends to. I dunno.

②Students who have famous ancestors!
Yes, some students are the descendents of famous historical figures!
One girl is related to a famous figure named Rokkaku, so Inocchi asks her if her last name is Rokkaku. She says no, actually her name is...
Inocchi: Ayaya?!?

③Scientific researchers you wouldn't even think were students!
Yes, this school has an amazing science classes, where they study it intensely - and in ENGLISH!
Inocchi and Go look on curiously. In lab coats.♡
The science sensei decides to show them some amazing experiments, including putting things into a beaker filled with freeeezing liquid nitrogen. (-196℃!!!!)

First, they dip a rose into it, and have Morita feel it. He barely touches it and it crumbles, causing him to jump back and grab onto Ino XD
You'd think it bit him or something, LOL.
The tennis ball they try next shatters as it's dropped onto the ground.
And the balloon...?
Inocchi and Go wait for the worst:
It doesn't pop, though - it shrivels up as it's placed in the nitrogen, and returns to its normal shape once taken out! :O すごーい!

Lastly, Go pretends to make a paper catch on fire through willpower... and, while his willpower had nothing to do with it, it DOES burst into flames. ROFL.
Commence more freaking out XDD

④Our dream is to win the Competition!
This is the dream of the school's broadcasting club!
V6 check out their rockin' studio.
There, Inocchi gets an idea - they should participate in their lunchtime video broadcast! And be DJs!! XD
The girls go NUTS when they see that the special guest stars are NOT a joke XD

DJ INO!!!!!!! XD LOVE.
They play a request from "Morita Go from Saitama prefecture": Onyanko Club's
"Sailor fuku wo nugasanaide"
Note: Gakkou regular Marina is an ex-Onyanko Club member, LOL XD Just look at her reaction! At the end of the broadcast, the students clap wildly and one girl shouts out: "Marry me Inocchi!" XD

refers to the school's awesome baton-twirling club. Cue performance. :D
No V6 attempts this time though. Damn.

And lastly! ⑥We end with calligraphy!
They go and visit the calligraphy club, who does some amazing stuff:

This is the character for dream, ゆめ(夢). かっこいいー!

This time, V6 gets to try it out :D
Go is convinced that his piece is "awesome" XDDD
And it's actually cute good!

Inocchi's... is....

Then, they get to try out GIANT CALLIGRAPHY!
I've actually done this before! :D
Inocchi draws the character for
inochi - "life!"

Go writes...
his name, in romaji. XD
He points to the middle: "This line here is right around the summer I turned 17... and then it curves up like this as I head towards my 20s" XD
Inocchi: "And then from there it gets really thin, are you doing all right?!"

At the end, they all do a group effort, writing out the name of the segment:
名門校へ行こう!(Let's go to a prestigious school!)
Which wraps up this school visit!

Next, something totally new -- a segment about TRAINS!

In particular... TRAIN OTAKU!
Leader and Ken are here to meet a group of otaku who love trains!

who call themselves:
T4. You know, kind of like F4? Hana yori dango?
Hence the Arashi theme song playing in the background, heh.

Kaho-chan even tags along this time, and they have a little geek-out fest with T4
explaining the ins and outs of otaku train fandom. Like, did you know that there are differents KINDS of train otaku?! Yup, you have your train-riding otaku, train picture-taking otaku, train figure-collecting otaku, otaku who love train sounds, etc etc.

However, they all admit to having the same problem: girls.
Girls don't have a very positive image of otaku, and train otaku are no different.
So here, they have an idea: let's make a commercial that will get girls into trains too!
They base it off a pre-exisiting JR commercial from the 80s, and use Kaho and Ken as the stars☆

IT IS AWESOME! (yeah I'm really descriptive, I know XD)
Ken runs frantically through the station to meet Kaho-chan, who's not happy with him... he tries to impress her with his moves, LOL!
This is a must see! XDDD

Kaho-chan seems to forgive him and everything is right with the world.
And here we see Leader as the station attendant, AHHHH ♡ CUTE!

Next week - more trains as the cast of the currently running drama Tokkyu Tanaka No. 5 join Gakkou e ikou! This segment was just to get us warmed up, y'see~

Anyways thanks for reading! XD Comments are looove.

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Friday, May 18, 2007

I'll be back with a summary hopefully by tomorrow night! :D
In the meantime, download it here or here or here!
This episode was awesome, so come check backネ! ♡
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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Gakkou e ikou! MAX 2007.05.08

学校へ行こう!MAX 2007.05.08

Time for another episode of Gakkou e ikou~~~☆
Download it here or here or here!

This week V6 decides to go visit.... Rei-chan from last week again! XD
Wellll that was quick!

I guess Sensei sent them another letter with Rei-chan asking them to "please come again♡":
omg that sensei is just probably using cute lil' Rei-chan so she can see Leader again ROFL

Anyways, this time it's Leader and Miyake who are off to see them!
First though, they must meet up with that wonderful Sensei.....
....who is busy feeding the monkeys. LOL.
How embarrassing! She says.
But wait - waving "goodbye to Mr. Monkey" on their way out is not?!
They reach the classroom, and they're treated to another cute performance by the little kiddies!
This time they're doing some ribon twirling, but...
This is the same little girl who was kicking her feet so hard her
sheet fell off last time, as they show you here. LOLOLOL.

They switch costumes (with their mommies' help again!) and circle around V6♡
...Except for Rei-chan, who's kind of lost and doing her own thing. XD
The dance ends, and one of the kids calls out "Miyake-san! How did you like it!?"
as he runs up and grabs Leader's arm.
Leader goes into shock, while Ken just stands there laughing while all of the kids cling to him.
Poor Leader XDDD

Next, Sensei introduces a 16-year-old student who has been playing electone since the age of 2 and is subsequently amazing :0 She plays "Hyokkori Hyoutanjima" for them (no V6 song? XD)

Next, it's Rei-chan's turn!
"I'll do my best!"

Rei-chan and Makoto-chan team up for a dramatic (?) duet of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star"...
....which puts Leader into a fit of giggles:
Ken: okay there?
Their next song is a rendition of 剣の舞, or "Sabre Dance", a classical piece by Aram Khachaturian - it's one of those songs anybody would recognize if they heard it XD
It was quite amazing! I loved it!

After that, it's time to say goodbye once again~
Sakamoto decides to ask Rei-chan what she wants to be when she grows up.
"A flower shop lady!" she replies.
Sensei chimes in: "Before you said you wanted to win a music competition though, right? Right? Here, let's try that question again~"
Leader asks her a second time, and... her answer is the same. Toooo funny!

At the end of this segment, they had an announcement saying they're looking for other amazing kid performers! What's that?? More V6+kids?! YESSSSS :DD

Next up, the same Leader+Miyake combo visit a super school in Kyoto!
So super, in fact, that they've made a ranking of the 10 coolest things about it!
⑩The school is located right where the famous Buddhist temple Touji is.
⑨The school has had the highest number of Kyoto Daigaku transfers for 17 years straight.
⑧The wind ensemble club has an insanely rigid structure for its meetings.
⑦The track-and-field coach is a former Olympic athelete!
⑥The have a Quiz Research Club!

...and this is where V6 has some fun XD
The quiz research club is, well, basically that. They love trivia and strive to be the best at knowing random stuff! It turns out that Miyake also loves trivia!
They're pretty good, though: they beat him at the first two questions.
Ken gets the third one though, and thinks he's the bomb:
Sakamoto quickly points out that he should just JOIN THE CLUB ALREADY, GOSH

On with the countdown!

⑤The volleyball team is amazing.
④They have a male chorus club!
③Their English teacher was the model for the teacher in Dragon-Zakura
②They have an awesome male gymnastic team.
And number one!
①They have the number one basketball shooter! wooo~!

Apparently this kid is an amazing shooter. So just for the heck of it, the ask Okada how many shoots he thinks the guy can make in a row. He guesses 17. He actually shoots...
33! Holy crap.
And 99% of those shots were nothing but net, literally. Amaaaazing!

And that's it for today! There were a couple more 60-second reports, including another love kokuhaku that wasn't nearly as interesting as the first. Oh well. XD

Thaaaanks for reading! ♡ See you next week!

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