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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Gakkou e ikou! MAX 2007.05.01

学校へ行こう!MAX 2007.05.01

Hey everyone!
Yesss we're nearly four days into May and I'm just now getting around to May 1st's episode XD I usually like to wait and get my episodes on Jpopsuki since it comes in one piece, but then I found out that Nermal's encode got lost, so... oops! ;P

Anyways let's get to it!
Everyone remember this amazing little girl from last week's preview?
They decide that they simply must go meet her. No question. XD

They meet up with her fashionable (?) sensei in a nearby park, where they learn more about her. Nagano politely inquires as to her age (hey, this is ok in Japan :p), to which she replies that, ohoho, she's just turned the ripe young age of 20.
Sakamoto: "20, of course~! I thought so~!" XD

Seriously, though, I think this lady is really a huge fangirl deep down or something XD She appears completely flustered and can't seem to get over their greatness. LOL.
But she's really amazing - she's taught electone* to over 1000 students!

*In Japanese, the keyboard that they're using is called an エレクトーン, or electone in English. It's basically a certain type of a synthesizer. I've never heard of an electone before.

They head off to the sensei's classroom, where some of her students, including Rei-chan (the girl in the video!), do a dance performance!

This little boy's (girl's?!) gown thing comes off after doing a march-like entrance - and OMG I've never seen Inocchi laugh so hard XDDD But it was seriously an A+ entrance.

Heck, it even leaves Leader ROFLing, literally XD

Then, after the dance they all rush up and thank V6.
Huh?! LOL should't it be the other way around, if anything?!
And then they start fighting over who gets to shake hands. D'awwwww *~*

Next, Rei-chan plays a special song for V6 that she's practiced alllll week for!

Their very own ♪ WA ni natte odorou!

OMG see how it makes them smile?! きゃー XD
Rei-chan is seriously amazing, though. She has the song memorized, and doesn't even look at what she's playing, since she's too busy dancing along with it.

Once it's done:
Sensei: So, how would you like to try playing the electone~?
V6: . . . .

HAHA. But of course you know they're gonna do it XD
Sensei ask's Rei-chan what song they're going to play.
Rei-chan: "Choucho! (Butterfly)"
Sensei: "Rei-chan, how much do you like this song?"
Rei-chan: "I love this song sooo~ much♡" she squeals, wrapping her arms around herself.

Sakamoto & Nagano: *melt*

Soon it's time for them to try it out~☆

Sensei stresses the importance of GROOVING along with the music. You don't just play it, you move it with it~! So, cue V6 swinging their heads side to side with giant goofy grins on their faces XD
Sakamoto: ... *raises hand*

Sakamoto: "Sensei, is this REALLY necessary?"
Nagano: "Yeah, you just wanted to make us do this, huh!"

Before you know it, it's SHOWTIME!
They practice for about an hour and then play the Butterfly song together, complete with giant smiles and head-swaying and clapping their hands over their heads.

Next up!
A crazy ritual from Mie-ken called Ageuma(上げ馬).
Basically, it involves young horseback riders in samurai armor riding horses up a steep 3 meter cliff - just watching the video of it was scary x_x
This is dangerous stuff!
Sakamoto and Ken inspect the actual 3 meter cliff. Yeah, that's tall - and steep.
The thing is, there are only 6 young people who are chosen to do this each year. That's right - chosen. This is NOT something they do because they want to :O
There are EVEN boys who have never even ridden a horse before!
So Gakkou decides to follow the story of one of the young men, Keigo-kun.

The first time they meet him, though, he speeds right past them on a horse.
Leader: "Hi Keigo-ku....."

They finally meet up with Keigo-kun and his friend Masanori-kun, who explain more about the whole ritual. They have to go through rigorous training, and during that time they are not allowed to go out, put on a strict diet, and are not allowed to communicate with girls in any way. Not even their mothers!
Another part of their routine involves purifying their body in the nearby river everyday at 6 am and 6 pm SHARP. The temperature is 50 degree outside, making the water a mere 35 degrees x_x

Here they demonstrate.

And OF COURSE Miyake nominates Leader as the one to give it a try. (I thought it was going to be both of them, though, and was sorely disappointed XD)
But ahhh! Leader!! (omg his arms *o*)

He actually submerges his body entirely, and right as he's rushing to get out, Miyake gives him a hand. Aww, how nice, I thought...
Gymnastics episode flashbacks, anyone?! XD

Long story short, the day of the Ageuma festival comes, and it's time for Keigo-kun and Masanori-kun to finally take the challenge, For Keigo-kun it's important because he is doing it for his father, who was unable to participate because of an injury when he was young.

And guess what?!
He makes it!!! :DDD

Which leaves this segment with a really happy ending ^^
Uwa~~ what a ritual!

Thanks for reading! XD Oh yeah - and while I didn't add in the 60-second reports this time,
please LET ME KNOW if you'd like me to! Because I still can! XD

Hope to see you next week~
Comments are love♡

posted by jan, 21:42


I noticed that women seemed a little shy/flustered/bashful talking to them. Especially... Sakamoto I think. XD XD She was a cute sensei. ^^ And I think she collects girls to turn into V6 fangirls, the way those girls rushed him and Nagano. XD

I love their little head tilts toward each other as they played. Nagano <-> Sakamoto, Sakamoto <-> Rei-chan. Chou kawaaaaiii!

I thought the horse-back riding might have been a sort of "rite of passage" for boys to become men... But they're chose?! So mean... Scary. But perhaps they learn a little about courage and strength. Still I don't like that the horses have to do that jump.... :Grrr

I think Miyake got revenge on Leader. Oh yeah. (*jerk*I love 'im!*)
commented by Anonymous 42detsune, 5/04/2007 05:56:00 AM  
I thought I've already loved leader, but I realize that I love him even more after this episode xD

But I feel sorry for Sakamoto... he looks like he really wants a kid himself lol Poor guy xD

And that hot body is definitely not of a 35-year-old man lol

And I knew that Ken would push Sakamoto into the water lol Evil Ken loves to do that to his papa xD
commented by Anonymous Linh, 5/04/2007 05:03:00 PM  
Sakamoto-papa + Nagano-mama + itty bitty girls = LOVE!! XD

This was a great episode! I love when Leader's on the floor dying from the cute!

Where did you download it from though if Nermal lost the encode?
commented by Anonymous nagoya_mewmew, 5/04/2007 05:56:00 PM  
★42d: I know, she sooo was! She kept saying things weird and then they would laugh at her LOL XD And yes, she's trained those girls really well!

Yeah, the horse jumping is decided by a lottery type thing, so whoever's chosen has to do it :O From what I read, this matsuri is supposed to predict how the upcoming harvest will be - if they make the jump, then it will be good! That kind of thing. But yeah I agree, it made me kind of uneasy watching it because when they didn't make it... that has to hurt, for both the horse and the rider >< It certainly is a lesson in courage and strength, that's for sure!

★linh: Leader is love♡ And yeah, definitely not looking like a 35 year old when the clothes come off :O Man, those arms!!
LOL I want Sakamoto to have kids so I can go awww over them :D Nagano too...

★nagoya_mewmew: YES! Any V6 member + kids = INSTANT LOVE! XD Sooo adorable.
Haha, the way I wrote it sounds like I got the episode out of thin air or something :D I got it from WindJP ( They upload it really quickly, but I don't like how they split the files so I always just grab Nermal's encode of the tracker :]
commented by Blogger girasol, 5/04/2007 09:45:00 PM  
That girl was so cute that it just wasn't right. Nothing should be that adorable. They should make it against the law or something. I melted on the floor when she talked about her favorite song. <3 *_*

That horse-riding ritual was intense. It's amazing how those guys survived those falls without a single injury. Especially when the one kid fell head-first. X_X I was so happy when he made it though! By far one of the better episodes this year.
commented by Anonymous Will, 5/05/2007 10:52:00 AM  
Wooahh, just stumbled upon this page recently, so I've got to say - good work with the summaries! Just wanted to add that I found the tongue-twister 60 second report hilarious when the announcer was like "Well done, everyone was great!" and then passes the girl who stuffed up with her head in her hands XD.
commented by Anonymous toshokan, 5/08/2007 04:12:00 AM  
Thanks again for a great episode...Masa is SOOOO cute when he is surrounded by kids, and this time he showed the reason why I fell in love with the leader so easily, it's because he is such a kid himself!!!
And I just melted when I saw those manly biceps...hubba hubba!!!
commented by Anonymous Cheryl, 5/08/2007 09:50:00 AM  
★toshokan: Thank you!! :D Glad you liked them! Haha yeah, I found that part hilarious too! Poor girl... everyone up until then was so flawless, too... LOL.

★cheryl: You're welcome ^^I loooove any kind of segment with V6+kids... they just interact SO well with them! And agreed on Leader's biceps.... :O I knew he had a good body but I didn't know his arms were so buff!
commented by Blogger girasol, 5/08/2007 11:14:00 PM  
Gah I'm soo late ^^! I love it when V6 interacts with kids :D The best part is sometime you can't even tell which one is the kid XDD But leader is so fricking cute here eps the hand movements..that's real smooth Leader :D

Love your screencaps choice and side comments, thanks as always!
commented by Anonymous scat88, 5/11/2007 07:18:00 AM  
Oh dear god, how can I download this episode???
commented by Blogger Madi, 10/06/2008 01:40:00 AM  
commented by Anonymous 逆円助, 7/04/2009 02:12:00 AM  
commented by Anonymous 精神年齢, 7/06/2009 02:47:00 AM  
最近仕事ばかりで毎日退屈してます。そろそろ恋人欲しいです☆もう夏だし海とか行きたいな♪ 連絡待ってるよ☆
commented by Anonymous メル友募集, 7/17/2009 03:56:00 AM  
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夏フェス一緒に行ってくれる人募集!!夏の思い出一緒につくろぉ☆ 連絡してね♪
commented by Anonymous 夏フェス!!, 7/24/2009 03:10:00 AM  
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