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Monday, June 04, 2007

Gakkou e ikou! MAX 2007.05.29

学校へ行こう!MAX 2007.05.29

Hey everyone! Finally here with last week's episode...
and another one airs tomorrow already. Oops. XD

Today we have Inocchi and Ken-ken visiting the famous Narita High School!
And of course we all remember who goes there...

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Our favorite male cheerleader friend! Everyone remembers him, right?!

They find him with the cheerleading team,
and steal him so that he can show them around >D
They point out that the team won't seem to miss him much. LOL aww..

First up, the archery club!
Does this look familiar to anyone?! It should!!

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The amazing thing about this team is that they pretty much all started archery upon entering high school, and some of them are ranking top in the nation. They're STILL in high school now, people! :O

Ken and Inocchi don't do too bad themselves for beginners.
Take a look at Inocchi's miracle arrows!

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They both landed the same way, LOL

Next is a trip to the orchestra club. Same deal here - most of them had never touched an instrument until they got to high school. And here they are playing like pros~!

Inocchi asks if he can play conductor :D

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Next they do more active stuff which... cannot really be captured in photos. XD
But look how much farther this kid can jump than Cheerleader!
(note that they didn't actually jump at the same time)

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Next, Inocchi makes Ken try one of the exercises that the hammer-throwers in training have to do:

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That's right, one-legged jumping all the way across the field. x_x

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Inocchi: How was it?!
Ken: .....I wanna go home... XD

Aaaand that's it for Narita High School! Amazing as always :D

Next up is THIS GUY!
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Who, if you're an intense Gakkou fan, you may remember ^_~
Hiroaki Tsuchiya, a mental math champion!
They show old clips from when he and some others were on the show, battling it out seeing who could complete math problems the fastest. And these guys are FAST.

So basically, Gakkou recieved a letter from an elementary school girl who is also into mental math, and really idolizes Hiroaki and wants to meet him :]

First they talk to the girl, Aika-chan, and learn more about her.
...While her little sister runs around the house making noise ROFL

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Aika shows them what she can do:
her mom sets up the screen that flashes three-digit numbers
in sequence, which Aika adds together in her head, instantaneously.
It's freakin AMAZING. :O I can't even begin to wrap my head around it!!

Her mother explains that Aika has been interested in numbers from a young age.
Cue leader: Morita, what were you interested in when you were young?
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LOL way to go Morita XD

Anyways, V6 surprise Aika with Hiroaki, who's been waiting in another room this whole time.
First Hiroaki gets to show off his skill, which is adding up SIX digit numbers instantaneously.
Leader and Go are simply floored.

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Go wonders if he doesn't have some kind of mechanism in his glasses, hahah XD

After that, they fulfill Aika's wish by setting up a match between them!
Aika-chan does problems with 3 digit numbers, while Hiroaki does them with 5 digit numbers.
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Go, however, is determined to let Aika'chan win, and takes something out to distract Hiroaki:

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Gravure idol PHOTOBOOK XDD
(The text on screen indicates that Hiroaki is a big fan, LOL!)
Nice try, Go, but Hiroaki still manages to win!!! :D

Yay for making another kid's dream come true :D

Next week!!


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Comments are loved :D

posted by jan, 22:29


LOL at least Ken and Inocchi are better than Okacchi and Go xD They were like hit the target at their 100 something-th arrow xD

LOL poor Ken Ken, running across the field xD He always laughs at leader being an ojii-san, but seems like he has to also train his physical condition xD

For the fact that the little girl is awesome, I have to admit that most of the time I was busy looking at leader in while <3333

Can't wait to see Johnny Depp xDDDDDDD
commented by Anonymous Linh, 6/06/2007 01:32:00 AM  
Hi there! I'm kinda new here. Thanks sooo much for the recaps!!! Go could be really funny with his frank comments, sometimes.
commented by Blogger Leafie, 6/06/2007 05:39:00 AM  
your way of presenting each episode is REALY FUNNY XD

thank you for the updates!!

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 6/06/2007 07:04:00 AM  
★linh: I know! That's so true, Inocchi and Ken both got pretty close on just their first try!! XD And word to Ken always ragging on Leader when really, he has enough trouble doing the tough stuff himself! LOL.
I've come to conclusion that Leader is like a fine wine... only gets better with age ;D

★leafie: Hi there! :D Thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoy the summaries ^^ Go is always so frank, isn't he?! That's why we love him♡

★anon: Thanks!! I try to keep them entertaining just like the show ^^v And you're welcome!
commented by Blogger girasol, 6/06/2007 10:08:00 PM  
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commented by Anonymous 精神年齢, 7/06/2009 02:47:00 AM  
最近仕事ばかりで毎日退屈してます。そろそろ恋人欲しいです☆もう夏だし海とか行きたいな♪ 連絡待ってるよ☆
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夏フェス一緒に行ってくれる人募集!!夏の思い出一緒につくろぉ☆ 連絡してね♪
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